Grooveliner 1.2.0 is available.

Grooveline 1.2.0 is now available. Following new features and improvements are included.

User interface / Workabiity improvement:

  • Select/Edit/Eraser modes in piano roll.
  • Copy and Paste feature (Ctrl + X/Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V).
  • Undo/Redo Shortcut Key (Ctrl + Z/Shift + Ctrl + Z(mac), Ctrl + Y(win)).
  • Repeat selected notes by Ctrl + D.
  • Note muting (Ctrl + M).
  • Separate track by pitch : A track is seprated for each note number.
  • Switch the track height by double clicking the bottom edge(switch minimum and default height).
  • Time ruler is added. User can specify the play position by clicking the ruler(when DAW is not played).
  • Auto closing modifier window by clicking outside the window. Pin button to keep the modifier window opened.
  • Following can be configured in setting dialog.
    • Default centre note.
    • Default velocity.
  • Rec button is activated when a track is selected.
  • Note preview by clicking the keyboard area.

New features :

  • Following General modifiers are added.
    • Strumming modifier : Emulating the guitar strumming. 4 Options for strumming direction : Up/Down/Alternate/1 step interval. Timing slope and Velocity slope can be configured.
    • Cycle modifier : To apply timing change, velocity change and duration change for specific step periodicity. This is general version of accent/swing/shift/gain modifiers.
  • Chord input window is added. Any chord including basic to advanced chord can be added by one click.

30 days free trial is reset. Please feel free to re-try the 30 days free trial by clicking the "30 Days Free trial" in the activation window.

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