Fumenbook is a chord chart editor app. Different from other score making software, Fumenbook puts focus on making a Chord and Rhythm chart quickly which is oftenly used by Pops/Jazz players.



Score making : You can make infinite number of scores. Score can be made based on the markup language (fumen) or GUI based. If you get used to fumen mark-up, it is much faster to make a score by it.

Setlist making : You can define a setlist which includes multiple

Multiple view : There are some ways on how to render the score.

- Mobile mode : This is suitable for mobile phones. Try to utilize the screen area as much as possible. Font size is big enough for better visibility in the small screen. 5 lines will be not shown.
- Mobile with Staff : Suitable for mobile but with staff(5 lines) to be shown
- A4 Portrait with Staff : Rendering suitable for actual A4 portrait paper. Also, good for tablet devices or printing to the paper.
- A3 Landscape with Staff 2 up : Rendering suitable for actual A3 landscape paper. 2 up rendering i.e. 2 pages are rederred for left and right part. Good for bigger tablet devices or printing to the paper.

Exporting : You can export your score by pdf and which can be shared with your friends, or used for printing.

Transpose : Transpose to arbitral key.

Multiple Client : Your score is synchrnoized to multiple cients : Web, Android App and iOS App. Hence, you can for e.g. make a score in the Web but use it in your mobile phone / pad devices.

Download & Purchase

As of now, Fumenbook is a free software available in web, iOS and android.