Grooveliner is a MIDI sequencer plugin(VST3, AU) and standalone app that excels at manipulating grooves in a multitude of ways. With just a single mouse manipulation, you can effortlessly create swings, adjust accents, introduce subtle timing shifts, humanization, and various timing/velocity transformation, all in real time manner. You can even snap notes to irregular grids such as quintuplet and septuplet rhythms which is useful to make so called drunk beat. As a MIDI sequencer, it can be applied to any sound source, providing endless possibilities for your music production.

  • Create beats.
  • Experiment with rhythms, such as the impact of accents and micro-shift effects. You can compare the effects in real time.
  • Utilize it as your personal rhythm track database.
  • Find inspiration from settings that can significantly alter the original rhythm.


  • Create multiple patterns, each of which includes multiple tracks.
  • Song mode to construct a song from the combination of the patterns. [New in 1.3.0]
  • Configurable pattern duration (in number of beats)
  • Configurable grid granularity. Grid can be specified by the number of division of beat(quarter note) : 1 to 10.
  • A step can be further divided into sub-steps (1 to 7). This subdivision can be configured either for a single step or for the entire duration of the note[New in 1.4.0].
  • Select output MIDI device selection for each track(Standalone app only)
  • MIDI output channel selection for each track
  • Step view mode and Piano Roll mode. The former is suitble for percussions, while the latter is suitable for normal instruments.
  • Chord input window for input basic chord to complicated chord. Basic chord and Guitar chord support. [New in 1.2.0, Guitar chord support in 1.3.0]. Real time input of the chord[New in 1.4.0]
  • Scale lock feature [New in 1.4.0]
  • Arpeggiator feature : Arpeggio as per the chord or scales [New in 1.4.0]
  • Velocity Modifier
    • Gain : Set a constant gain level
    • Accent : Create accents at regular intervals and offset. Two set of interval and offset , and those mixing ratio can be configured.
    • Transform : Changes to the velocity as per the selected math function(sinusoidial, triangle, saw, square)
    • Humanize : Introduce random, but reproducible, variations to the velocity
  • Timing Modifier
    • Shift : Constantly shift the timing from the exact grid point
    • Swing : Timing shifts at regular intervals, creating a swing feel
    • Transform : Changes to the velocity as per the selected math function(sinusoidial, triangle, saw, square)
    • Humanize : Introduce random, but reproducible, variations to the timing
  • General Modifier[New in 1.2.0]
    • Strum : Strumming modifier for guitar strumming effect.
    • Cycle : Cyclically apply the velocity, timing or duration change for each step (maximum 16 steps interval).
  • Recording of MIDI notes
  • Export MIDI file to DAW by Drag and Drop
  • Import MIDI file [New in 1.3.0]
  • Velocity adjustment for individual notes, both before and after velocity modifier.
  • Memo feature: You can add freeform descriptions to the file.
  • File saving/loading, including the ability to specify any directory.


  • The Grooveliner plugin version requires the DAW to route MIDI output from Grooveliner to other instrument plugins. Some DAWs, such as Reason, do not support this feature. Please test in your environment before making a purchase.

Download & Purchase

Download files from following link and follow and execute installation. 30 days free trial (full functionality) available. Please click "Trial" button from activation dialog. File/status loading does not work when it is not activated.

Windows x64 (VST3)
Grooveliner v1.4.4

Mac (AU, VST3)
Grooveliner v1.4.4

To use the full functionality after trial, purchase the license key from the following link. Please make sure to test with trial in your environment before purchasing the license.

After getting your license key via email, input it in the activation dialog( Key icon on the top right corner of the window ) and press Activation button.

User Manual

User Manual is available here.